Caltech 2012 Annual Report

Letter from the Chair
and the President

The Caltech Advantage—what distinguishes us from other education and research institutions in the world—is that we seek answers to “impossible” questions, discover new knowledge, and lead the way into the future. We do this by recruiting top-caliber scientists and scholars—intellectual pioneers who are also risk takers, problem solvers, and some of the world’s greatest humanitarians. Once here, they thrive in an environment that values collaboration over competition and allows risky ideas to take flight. Whether they are developing alternative energy sources, engineering novel advanced materials,

David's signature

David K. Lee
Chair, Caltech Board of Trustees

or exploring the universe, Caltech’s researchers and their discoveries invigorate the economy, advance industry, and influence the international scientific agenda to expand the reach of science and engineering.

In this, our 2012 Annual Report, we celebrate the achievements of the extraordinary faculty and students who drive the exploration, discovery, innovation, and impact for which Caltech is known. Our people fuel the Caltech Advantage, and through their stories, we invite you to experience Caltech.

Jean-Lou's signature

Jean-Lou Chameau
President, Caltech